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Finally ! The end results you desire in your shower and bathtub. Years and years takes a toll on the surfaces of porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble, and that acrylic that newer homes are getting installed. Hard water stains? No problem. Chip that just breaks your heart? No problem. All this without replacing or resurfacing. A wow factor to brag about. Invisible repairs and full proof coatings means you need to call. Based in River Oaks Tx and servicing The DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas since 1996. The other companies don't have my system. The most personal space in your life shouldn't be an eye sore. Seriously Refinishing.



Seriously Refinishing was established in 1996 due to the request from the public. Based in River Oaks, TX, we found a solution to peeling, staining, and chipping of coatings applied to porcelain bathtubs. Responding with over 15 years of automotive collision repair, fabrication and restoration experience, Seriously Refinishing is your solution! Take advantage of full proof coatings with a 5-year warranty plus or a Magical Transformation of your original surfaces you’d swear it won’t come clean to have success without coatings assures not just satisfaction, but AMAZEMENT. A wow factor beyond belief. It’s only fair that you have a serious solution to your tubs and showers.

Allow us to give a personal touch to assist in the most personal space we have: The Bathroom. Don’t let a stained or damaged shower or bathtub take away from your serenity. Seriously, I got you covered. Full proof coatings, no peeling or chipping. An innovative polishing system to restore your original surface without paint, color matching degree in automotive experience to assist in permanently invisible touch ups. Seriously.

Let’s start with a polish to start, then a repair, color change, and or touch up if needed. Drain covers and gaskets offered and the caulking may play a factor in the price if needed. Let’s start with the basics and more if needed. Become part of the fan base. Call Today. A moment of your time I can assess the damage and repair price, then schedule the next available day to do the work. Got You Covered, Seriously.


Great job. I had 2 tubs refinished and they look like new. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to save money over a complete replacement or if you have an old free standing tub you want to preserve. This company is the best hands down.


- Dan Merryman

I used Seriously Refinishing after chipping a guest tub in my brand new home. it happened right before out of town guests were to visit. I was so upset. But Ernie came and fixed you can't even tell it happened. Superior service and high quality work. I highly recommend them for your tub refinishing needs! THANK YOU!


- Yolanda Walker

Everyone needs to be aware of hard water eating the enamel or acrylic on sinks & bathtubs. Old gaskets of your drains will also cause chipping and cracking. Not a problem when you call Seriously Refinishing, you get a service that's amazing by simply calling for a polish. Coatings are full proof as well


- Erny Goodwin

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